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E(P&A)II-2015/HW-123.11.2015Rates of Night Duty Allowance w.e.f. 01.07.2015149
E(P&A)I-2015/RT-3812.11.2015Strengthning of Administration-Premature retirement of Railway Servants-Periodical review under rule 1802 (a)/1804 (a)-R II, 1987 edition-Regarding
E(P&A) II-2015/Bonus-102.11.2015Grant of ad-hoc bonus for 30 days to the Group 'C' & 'D' RPF/RPSF personnel for the financial year 2014-15.
E(P&A)II-2012/F.E.2/412.10.2015Admisibility of House Rent Allowance in the event of non acceptance of surrender of Railway residential accomodation.123/2015
E(P&A)II-2015/PLB-407.10.2015Payment of Productivity Linked Bonus to all eligible non-gazetted Railway employees for the financial year 2014-15.121/2015
E(P&A)II-2015/HRA-724.09.2015Re-classification of cities/towns on the basis of 2011 Census grant of House Rent Allowance to Railway Employees.116/2015
E(P&A)II-98/HW-6 Vol.III31.07.2015Grant of Hospital Patient Care Allowance (HPCA) & Patient Care Allowance (PCA) to Group'C' & 'D' (non-ministrial) Railway employees working in Railway Hospitals & Health Units/Clinics.87/2015
E(P&A)II -2008/RS-3227.07.2015Litigation: Pay element for computation of Pension of Loco Supervisors.
E(P&A)II-2015/H.W.110.06.2015Rates of Night Duty Allowance w.e.f. 01.01.201558/2015
E(P&A)II/2007/RS-1412-02-2015Filling up posts of Loco Inspectors and Power Controllers/Crew Controllers11/2015
E(P&A)II-2011/RS-2012-02-2015Reckoning of 30% pay element for the purpose of payment towards leave encashment upto 10 days to running staff.10/2015

Acceptance of Diploma/Degree in Engineering prescribed for open market recruitment to posts on the Railways – Duration of course regarding.
E(NG)II/2000/RR-1/4719/10/2015129Minimum prescribed educational qualification for direct recruitment to the post of Assistant Loco Pilot (Diesel/Electric) in Pay Band-1 (Grade Pay: 1900)
E(NG)II/2005/RR-1/830/9/2015--Recruitment to non-gazetted posts on the railways – Adherence of prescribed qualification in recruitment from open market – Clarification regarding.
E(NG)II/2014/RC-2/1/List Pt.23.09.2015Reservation for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) for recruitment from Open Market – List of posts identified suitable for them – regarding
E(NG)II/2015/RC-1/2118.09.2015Appointment on compassionate grounds - regarding
E(NG)II/2015/RC-2/216.09.2015Recruitment of Persons with Disabilities from Open Market - Employment Notices – reg.
E(NG)II/2001/RR-1/45/Pt.A29/09/15118Minimum prescribed qualification for direct recruitment to the post of ECG Technician in PB-1 of 5200-20200 (Grade Pay:2400) on the railways.
E(NG)II/2015/RR-2/121/09/2015110Recruitment against Scouts & Guides Quota – procedure for.
E(NG)II/2000/RR-1/4709/9/2015Clarification regarding educational qualification for direct recruitment to the post of Assistant Loco Pilot (Diesel/Electric).
E(NG)II/2013/RR-1/809/9/2015Clarification regarding acceptance of educational qualification obtained through distance education mode from Open University without undergoing formal education for the purpose of employment on the railways.
E(NG)II/2010/RC-4/631.08.201597Re-engagement of retired staff on daily remuneration basis in exigencies of services.
E(NG)II/2013/SB/311/08/201589Clarification regarding engagement of Substitutes on the railways
Compendium of instructions on reservation for Ex-servicemen.
E(NG)II/2001/RR-1/4514/7/201580Minimum educational qualification for the post of Radiographer - Clarification regarding.
E(NG)II/2005/RC-4/SC/229.06.2015Extension of the scheme of hiring para medical categories
E(NG)-II/2001/RR-1/617.06.201566Educational Qualification for recruitment to Group C posts in Track Machine Org. (TMO) Depatments on the Railways.
E(NG)II/2010/RR-1/1716/6/201567Recognition of qualification acquired through distance learning mode from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi Diploma/Degrees – Acceptance for purpose of employment on the railways.
E(NG)-II/2009/RR-1/10/Pt (7525)12.06.201562Publication of notification for open market recruitment to posts in Pay Band-1 (Grade Pay: Rs. 1800)
E(NG)-II/2001/RR-1/4522.05.201549Minimum educational qualification for open market recruitment to various posts in Medical Department on the Railways.
E(NG)-II/94/RR-1/2911.05.201545Upper age limit for direct recruitment to non-gazetted posts on the Railways.
E(NG)II/2014/RR-1/327.04.2015-Clarification about educational qualification-Ex Servicemen candidates.
E(NG)II/2015/RC-1/Genl/223.04.2015-Appointment of compassionate grounds-Clarifications
E(NG)-II/2013/RR-1/901.04.2015-Order dated 08/10/2014 delivered by Hon'ble Court in CA No. 9388/2014 (arising out of SLP(C) no. 706/2014)-Union of India & Others Vs Shri Sarwan Ram & others.
E(NG)II/2014/RC-2/130.03.201528/2015Reservation for persons with disabilities for recruitment
E(NG)-II/2009/RR-1/1126.03.201529/2015Acceptance of certificates/qualifications awarded by various Boards of School Education in India for the purpose of employment on the Railways.
E(NG)-II/2013/RR-1/818.03.201522/2015Clarification regarding acceptance of educational qualification obtained through distance education mode from Open University without undergoing formal education for the purpose of employment on the railways-reg.
E(NG)II/2012/RR-1/16/Pt.A18.03.201521/2015Minimum Educational Qualification for open market recruitment to various posts on the Ralways.
E(NG)II/2015/RC-1/Genl/105.03.2015-Appointment on the Railways-Minimum Educational Qualification
E(NG)-II/96/RR-I/4020.01.201503Constitution of Committee for interview/viva-voce in connection with recruitment to Group'C' posts and posts in Pay Band-1 of Rs. 5200-20200 (Grade Pay Rs. 1800) including screening of substitutes on Indian Railways)


PC-VI/357357Grant of Dearness Relief to Railway pensioners/family pensioners-Revised rate effective from 01.07.201514.10.2015
115PC-VI/356356Payment of Dearness Allowance to Railway employees-Revised rates effective from 01.07.201524.09.2015
42PC-VI/350350Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Government Pensioners/Family Pensioners - Revised rate effective from 01.01.201501.05.2015
35PC-VI/34935Payment of Dearness Allowance to Ralway Employees-Revised rates effective from 01.01.201513.04.201

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